Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tales from yet another old-timer

Tom Van Vleck has a choice selection posted on Multicians.

Titles, just to entice you:

How I got started in computers .. in a suburban basement in the 1950s

1401s I have known. Includes HELLO WORLD

The IBM 7070. An interesting and little-known machine

The IBM 7094 and CTSS. MIT's two 7094s

The IBM 360/67 and CP/CMS. My experiences with the ancestor of VM/370

The History of Electronic Mail. Early electronic mail and instant messaging

Real Programmers Don't Write Specs. I wrote this in 1982,
based on people I knew

Software Engineering Comix. Seven b&w comic strips for programmers

Mulvaney on Bomb Disposal. World War II humor

Home Terminals. Forty years of logging in from home

Borges and I. How I learned to appreciate the master

The 1989 Earthquake. Tuesday, October 17, 1989, at 5:04 PM